The latest Lithium Technologies report shows that online reviews still have a significant influence on the decision-making process of consumers - with seven in ten UK adults not buying something that does not have positive online reviews. 

I must confess I always check reviews before buying something technical or expensive, but the duality in the reviews also often makes the decision process longer. Still, this percentage shows that companies who are not utilising this feature yet, need to start taking reviews very seriously.

Happy clientsThe more negative content is found online, the less likely consumers will be to purchase your products or visit your business. So building a strong base of positive reviews now will help protect against any negative reviews down the road. If you are selling a service, testimonials and case studies are the perfect way to showcase happy clients. 

SEOReviews not only help to define your image, they also help with search engine rankings. Positive reviews are seen as endorsements which can gain you an edge over competitors. So what are you waiting for; get as many thumbs up from your clients as you can, and show to the world how awesome you are!