A great post from Hubspot from way back in 2013. Detailing the difficulties of persuading prospects from a technical and more traditional background that Inbound Marketing is for them. 

I like to think we have moved on considerably from then and in general we have and people now ' get it.' However I believe the 'our prospects are different' attitude still exists. Not so much in the belief that they still only read trade journals and not blogs and whitepapers, but that the initial stage of any purchasing need is still to summon up a beauty parade of salespeople from perceived appropriate suppliers, (hmm fun).

In truth technical, professionals from all sectors are far more likely to research, to compare and dig deep. And those potential suppliers who are found  and found to be supplying good pain solving information will be the ones in the mix for any new biz. 

It's a win-win, the prospect gets to choose from suppliers and judge their suitability accordingly before contacting them and quite often it introduces new, fresh suppliers into the mix. Certainly in my industry, clients looking for a new marketing or PR service are getting past the known, big names and finding smaller agencies, often able to supply a fresh slant, a new approach and very keen to get the work and willing to put everything into it.

And that has to be good for business.