New research by CBI and IBM has shown that the UK ranks top globally for e-commerce and takes fifth place for the availability of technology. However, when it comes to the adoption of digital technology in business the UK ranks only fourteenth in the world, with 45% of companies in the UK not able to adopt digital technologies and processes. The reasons cited for this are mainly a lack of skills inside their business and an unclear return on investment.

As the digital world continues to expand into the physical world, companies need to adapt and evolve. Consumers are doing more and more online, and no business can afford to fall behind in this digital age. 

One way of moving your business forward is appointing a Chief Technology Officer to drive digital strategy. Another is incorporating top digital marketing trends such as; social video campaigns, new SEO strategies, content marketing, mobile usage and even virtual reality. And don't forget about using the expertise of the generation at the heart of the digital revolution. Plenty of opportunities to invest in your digital future!